Studio:  (250) 480 1769
Mail Address: 1108 - 701 Esquimalt Rd Victoria BC V9A 3L5
at*el*ier   (æteljei) n an artist's studio || a work-room used for craftwork, a craftsman's shop [F.].

Everyone has a hard time with the pronunciation of Atelier, which sounds like  "at, ell, yay" and which describes my work.

I do design and drafting work, but I also produce artist's conceptual renderings in various media, build prototypes and models, and fabricate and hack all kinds of stuff.

So it really is a studio, I don't just call it that. Atelier is a gallic word, and to the Gauls, atelier also means "work" and also "avocation", which is how I like to feel about what I do.

YES I have other stuff; presentation boards for public meetings, graphic art, posters, proposals, book covers, logos, business cards... I don't always have time to post pix on my site – so many lists, so little time to play! Ask me if you're looking for something not in the galleries; if I don't do it, I may know someone who does.
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